Timeless Dream Travels in Tanzania

TIMELESS DREAM TRAVELS creates and offers exceptional vacation ideas and host personalized travel in Tanzania. We will make your dream of a magical African holiday into a memorable reality

Experiencing a Safari holiday in Tanzania feels like taking a step back in time to the good old days of our forefathers classic safaris. There is no better place to enjoy an enriching African wildlife Safari experience than Tanzania. This is the largest country in Eastern Africa yet it is still untouched by mass tourism hence remaining an un-spoilt paradise to date. Tanzanias wildlife and Safaris are widely regarded as the best in Africa and the country has at least three of Africas top five highly recommended destinations. 25 percent of the country is protected and in that area, vast untouched wilderness areas, around 20 per cent of Africas large mammals population and over 1000 bird species are found and it is the deserving home to the worlds greatest wildlife spectacle – The Great Wildebeest Migration while the discovery of human bones older than 1.75 million years in the Olduvai Gorge earned it the name, β€œThe Cradle of Mankind.”

Beyond Safaris, we want our visitors to experience in style, the friendliness of the people and their rich cultures, a long coastline and islands lapped by the clear waters of the Indian Ocean with hundreds of miles of beautiful palm-fringed, powder-white beaches plus an opportunity to go to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro the roof of Africa. You will find the timeless romance of Africa in Tanzania.

We exist to help you get the information that you need, to give you an independent advice, to help you make the right decisions about your visit to Tanzania (mainland and Zanzibar), and then to organize a bespoke holiday that suits you perfectly in every sense. And while in the country, to offer you a boutique travel experience that you will remember and treasure for a very long time.

Please go ahead and contact us and we will happily listen to your dream, create an appropriate proposal and then send you the desired trips itinerary plus its expected cost, we will do this process free of charge and with no obligations attached.

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