Zanzibar and the Coast

Zanzibar and the Coast – Both ZanzibarMafia and the main Tanzania coastal waters offer an excellent beach holiday and amongst many other pursuits, provide world class snorkeling, scuba diving and deep sea fishing. The Tanzania mainland’s beaches are idyllic – long stretches of deserted sand, interspersed with sleepy Swahili towns and tiny fishing villages. Once, the towns were important centers of trade, and home to Arab slavers, Swahili merchants and, later on, German colonials. Nowadays the trade has largely moved elsewhere and towns are quiet and gently crumbling.

The beautiful beaches however, remain. Stunning hideaways can be found amidst the tropical languor that pervades the coast and that soon catches up with visitors too. The heavenly beaches of the Zanzibar Archipelago and the Mafia Islands, the tangled streets of Stone Town and the sensory delights of the spice market have been tempting ocean-going traders for 2,000 years. Whether you visit them for a spot of relaxation after a safari on the mainland or as destinations in their own right, you will find their charm as strong as ever.