Northern Tanzania

Northern Tanzania – here some of the finest wildlife viewing and the most memorable and rewarding safari adventures throughout Africa can be found. The northern circuit is home to a diverse cluster of habitats and Eco-systems – the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, Tarangire and the awesome Mount Kilimanjaro can be found.

These are extensive parks and game reserves and they have an excellent selection of stylish, permanent camping and lodging facilities, which are surrounded by a natural abundance of birds and wildlife plus an availability of a good range of mobile camping alternatives which some are in a direct pursuit of The Great Migration. This circuit could be traversed by road although due to the seasonal unpredictability nature of the roads and terrain throughout this region, we can also recommend access by scheduled flights between the parks done by light aircraft’s. While a combination of driving and flying between the parks is also possible and in fact this is our best recommended option as it not only time efficient but also due to the size of the country it is better to get the balance on travel right and avoid repeating the drive on some roads. It also allows for spectacular aerial views of some places while flying and for some close up views and encounters while on the road