Western Tanzania

Western Tanzania – this is the most remote region of the country where you will experience abundant wildlife, beautiful landscape and other natural features not commonly seen in the other parts of the country while the amazing exclusivity found here will surprise you. The Western Highlands lace a ridge of the Rift Valley escarpment, high above Lake Tanganyika.

Gombe and Mahale offers some of the best Chimpanzee tracking experiences, while Katavi is home to huge densities of large mammals second only to the Serengeti. Camps are eco-friendly, small and intimate with excellent guides and a diverse range of activities that are among the best that Africa has to offer. This circuit could be traversed by road although due to the seasonal unpredictability nature of the roads and terrain throughout this region plus the huge distance that will need to be covered and water bodies to be crossed; we highly recommend access by scheduled flights between the parks done by light aircrafts.